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8 Feb

Genres: Action , Drama
Actors: Ben Lam , Carman Lee , Edmond Leung , Chi Wah Wong , Donnie Yen
Director: Donnie Yen
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (298 votes)


Film Review

Recently, they released this movie in Occidental under the name of The Big Boss, so check it out. One of Donnie Yen’s best. I really feel sorry that he is not as famous as Jet Li. The man has got a much better look than Jet Li and he is just as spectacular. He deserves to be known. If only a good director will give him a chance to be the lead star. He appeared in Blade II as Snowman. About that film, I really think the director underused Donnie Yen. He would be cool playing the bad guy, the vampire. And a fight between him and Weslet Snipes would be super-mega-cool. Other great martial artists : Mark Dacascos(Crying free man, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Drive), Man Cheuk Chiu(another descendant from Shaolin, like Jet Li, movies: Once upon a time in China IV & V). These guys only need a chance to prove to the occidental viewers how great they can be. My greatest dream ever is to have a movie starring :Mark Dacascos,Man Cheuk Chiu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Wesley Snipes. YEAH!!! I would…

Legend of the Wolf Chinese Action Donnie YenThe poor-quality of this film can be adequately summarized by the following statement made by a proponent of this movie on IMDb: "Donnie Yen puts in what seems to be a new type of choreographic brilliance. This involves some quite close in shots of the two opponents arms flailing as they block and parry. So blurred are the movements that only the sound effects give us clues as to the blocking and hitting. It works very well."This is perhaps the most absurd movie-related comment I have ever seen, but it very succinctly explains the warped perspective of many who hold the opinion that films such as this (as well as Storm Riders, A Man Called Hero, and Ashes of Time ) offer high-quality action set pieces. The illogic goes something like this: A blurry set of camera frames that are impossible to follow qualifies as a great action scene. The problem with this perspective is that ANYONE – even the most inept movie-maker on the plane…

I will keep this very short and simple…You have never seen a jet Li film as good as this. No, not even fist of legend.You have never seen a Jackie Chan film as good as this. No, not even drunken master 2.In fact you have never seen *any* other martial arts film that even comes close to this. If you are a martial arts fan… then rent it. And if you can’t rent it then buy it. If you can’t buy it then steal it.’Nuff said.

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